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2018 Yearly Personalized Astrological Guide


Your Yearly Personalized Astrological Guide is an indispensable report that goes beyond your Animal Sign.  It zooms into your Day Pillar or Your Personal Element & Animal Sign derived from Your Day of Birth.


The report includes a Month by Month evaluation as well as an Overall Yearly Forecast plus tips on Career, Wealth, Relationships & Health.

It’s accurate & convenient - a valuable investment that provides you the insights you need to plan ahead & overcome any challenges of the coming year.


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This Guide is For Individuals who wish to know how the Yearly Elements & Stars Effect Each Aspect of their Lives, Taking into consideration the Yearly Favourable Elements & how they Counter Act & Combine with your day & year pillars & personal favourable elements within your birth chart.  This personalized yearly evaluation which is vital to important decisions that one is making during the year is now available. 

Individual yearly reports based on your Birth Date are available now for the year 2018 which begins on February 4, 2018 & ends on February 3, 2019.  Cost for the report which is e-mailed to you within 3 business days is $30.00 (payments accepted through PayPal). 


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2018 Yearly Personalized Astrological Guide




This is a guide that you don’t want to face the upcoming year without it by your side!


Put to rest your uncertainties about the year ahead.

Is it the best time to get married, change jobs, or start a new business?

You'll have all this information and MORE at your fingertips with your own Yearly Personalized Astrological Guide!


Based on your Day Pillar, Your Yearly Personalized Astrological Guide provides you with:

Your outlook for the entire year in terms of a general Overview, as well as other aspects of life including:

Wealth        Relationships         Health        Career

A month-by-month breakdown of your Astrological Guide for the entire 12 months of the year

Your individual BaZi Astrology Chart

A super-fast and convenient way of assessing your yearly outlook

An accurate forecast based on authentic astrology methods and formulas


With Your Own Yearly Personalized Astrological Guide, You Can:

-       Plan for the year ahead

-       Take appropriate action for certain areas of your life

-       Gain valuable insight on when to act, and when to lie low

-       See visible results in your life when you take all the right steps


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2018 Yearly Personalized Astrological Guide