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Helen Smolinger has Created Unique Strategies that gives her an Edge in Today’s Global Economic Markets.  Her Diverse Experience in Business, Economics and Administration allows her to see the Big Picture and have the Courage to Take Action! Helen’s Process Oriented Approach comes from her Wide Ranged Unconventional Education, Knowledge, Skills and Experiences which Allows Her to Assist Clientele in ReDesigning their Life.


Certified in Traditional Chinese Feng Shui, Four Pillars Destiny Analysis (Authentic Chinese Astrology), I-Ching, Yi Jing, Face Reading & Date Selection.


Helen studied with Several World Renowned Masters, including Susan Chow, formally of Hong Kong, Feng Shui National Inc.; Yap Cheng Hai of Malaysia, Yap Cheng Hai Feng Shui Centre of Excellence; Raymond Lo of Hong Kong, Raymond Lo’s School of Feng Shui & Destiny; and Joey Yap of Malaysia, Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics.


She is Personally Trained by World Renowned Master Raymond Lo of HK & is one of his few Elite Students in the World to complete his Advanced Practitioners Training Program in Bangkok, Thailand-2004 & in Singapore-2005.


Practicing & Studying Feng Shui, Four Pillars of Destiny & I-Ching Divination under the guidance of Master Raymond Lo Helen has obtained Valuable Practical Experience.  Helen has Further Advanced her Career by Studying Face Reading, Yi Jing & Advanced Date Selection Techniques with Master Joey Yap of Malaysia.


As a Certified Feng Shui Consultant Helen is Actively Practicing & Lecturing throughout Canada, United States, Europe and Singapore since 2003, in addition to Coordinating Seminars & Workshops aimed at Individuals interested in Enhancing their Lifestyle using Traditional Techniques of Chinese Metaphysics.


Since 2011, Helen is Actively Participating in Research Studies at the Living Springs Holistic Life Style Clinic, Universal Trade Centre, Hong Kong.  Where she works with Professional Raw Food Chefs, Nutritional Experts & Doctors of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Toronto, Singapore, Hong Kong, Italy & Slovenia.  Studying & Investigating the Effects of Different Preparation of Common Foods on Our LifeStyles.  Combining & Exchanging Information Helen is helping create a “Solution” that not only Reduces Pain and Inflammation Obstacles Faced by most North Americans but also gives her clients the Edge in Infinite Mobility Vitality & Energy using Food Therapy that Really Helps the Human Body Speed Up The Healing Process.

Helen’s Passion in Assisting LSHLS Clinic in Researching how to Naturally Boost the Human Bodies Healing Process stems from two incidents that could have tragically effected her life had she not taken “Nature’s Approach” and listened to the Medical UnProfessionals, the first is a meeting with the ice in January 2011 which resulted in a broken right wrist, which most people would think nothing much of, but for Helen being self employed and relying on both hands, wrists and arms to type reports for clients and drive herself to meetings all this came to a sudden stop, she could do neither for at least eight to ten weeks according to medical doctors.  Since studying in Asia Helen stayed in contact with several colleagues who work at the LSHLS Clinic, they told her what to take which is very easy to get fresh if you live in Asia, Helen was able to find some of the remedies in Toronto but the quality of these remedies was questionable since there was no way of determining the strength do to remedies being radiated and subjected to lasers in transport into Canada.  In addition Helen knew that by taking these radiated remedies could possible slow down the healing process.  This is the Spark that Ignited the Flame of Researching and Expanding Food Therapy to Common Foods Available to People Where They Live.  Five weeks after Helen’s meeting with the ice, she was in a temporary cast and working again all to the shock of several medical doctors who said it was impossible.  Most recently in December of 2015 Helen was involved in a serious car accident that affected her spine and vertebrae.  Although her recovery lasted several months, Helen was back to work within a couple of weeks and driving within a month thanks to a wonderful chiropractor who helped her with her spine but as well to the research that she is actively participating in regarding Food Therapy.


Helen’s Journey of becoming a Raw Food Chef & Incorporating Food Therapy into her practice started long before she realized her Lifelong Passion of Raw Food Preparation.  While still working in the corporate world she began her studies in Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia & Thailand in Chinese Metaphysics, somehow “Food” was always a vital part of her education and the Food Effects of the 5 Elements on Our Human Body.  While studying TCM she was able to Link foods & herbs connected to the 5 Elements & how to Use them to Bring Balance to our Spiritual, Mental, Emotional & Physical Body.  Food Energetics & Therapy: Taste, Energy & Meridian Effects; Traditional Chinese Food Principles; Food Cures – Yin & Yang Theory.


In addition to her research studies at LSHLS Clinic, Helen is also continuing her education in unconventional alternative analysis and therapies pertaining to:


Human Wellness & Recuperation Program: Chi Energy Work; Hong Kong & Mississauga, Ontario; 2016

Grand Master Lee Chi Wai, Chung Wah Kung Fu System

Human Wellness & Recuperation Methods - Traditional Chinese Health, Complete Healthy Living Program based on human anatomy.  Bringing healing directly to parts of the body that are weak & helping drive out chronic illnesses & being key in prevention of acute infections.

Program incorporates inner-outer extension & conservation training, utilizing the body’s inner energy (chi) & external force, integrating Daoist, Buddhist & Confucian teachings on the cultivation of vitality.

Daoism calls its training method “Heaven, Earth, Yin, Yang & Nature Mutual Generation Technique; Buddhist training method is called “Six Self-Cultivation Methods; Confucianism teaches the technique of “Turning Extreme Sorrows into Joy & Regaining the Original State of Goodness.  Although the techniques are known by different names, all three schools of thought subscribe to a 6 step process which leads to a common goal of balancing the body through 6 steps: 1st coupling of Yin & Yang; 2nd collection of fire & water; 3rd mutual growth of fire & water; 4th nourishing the essence & chi; 5th removal of excesses & replenishing inadequacies; 6th collection of the vital fluids in the energy seed.


Touch for Health School, International Kinesiology College, CanASK, Richmondhill, Ontario; 2015

Level 1: Muscle Testing to Improve Postural Balance and Reduce Physical and Mental Discomfort.

Level 2: Muscle Testing Acupuncture Touch and the Law of Five Elements to Improve Postural Balance and Reduce Physical and Mental Discomfort.


Dr. H. C. Jentschura, Münster, Germany; 2015

Alkaline Wellness Coach Certification Program

Causes & consequences of acidification 

Neutralization of acids & toxins by vital substances

Elimination of harmful substances through alkaline body care


Hallelujah Acres, Canada & U.S.; 2011, 2012

Get Healthy Stay Balanced, Raw Gourmet Living - Creating Raw Gourmet, Vegan Dishes

Professional guidance by a certified raw food chef and vegan culinary experts.

Intensive, hands-on course in food preparation that teaches skills needed to create mouth watering meals that fuel the body.


Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics, Malaysia; 2009, 2010

Advanced Studies in Traditional Chinese Feng Shui, Four Pillars Destiny Analysis (Authentic Chinese Astrology), I-Ching, Yi Jing, Face Reading & Date Selection.


Raymond Lo’s School of Feng Shui and Destiny, Hong Kong; 2001 to 2006

Advanced Studies in Metaphysics: Feng Shui, Chinese Astrology, I-Ching Divination and Date Selection.

Introduction to Traditional Chinese Medicine, Working with The Five Element Theory, Excess & Deficiency of Yin & Yang, The Five Elements – How to Create Balance in the Body

2004, 2005: Advanced Practitioners Training Program and Practical Experience in Bangkok, Thailand & in Singapore.


Yap Cheng Hai Feng Shui Centre of Excellence, Malaysia; 2003

Advanced studies in Metaphysic: Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology


Feng Shui Nation Inc., Canada; 2000, 2001

Introduction to Metaphysics: Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology


Ongoing Conferences, Conventions, Lectures & Workshops:

- Dr Nicholas Gonzalez: How to use Enzymes to Start the Healing Process & Boost  

  the Immune System

- Heather Dessinger: Adaptogens; Uses in the Modern World; Increasing the Body’s


- Rachel Zupke: Essential Oil Blend Uses

- Carol Little R.H.: Being Prepared for Cold & Flu Season

- Laurie Neverman: Common Sense Food Remedies

- Kristen Smith: Essential Oil Guidelines

- Herbal Academy: Natural Supports & Inhibitors of Major & Minor Organs, Bodily

  Systems & Functions

- Dr. Karen S Lee: Using Natural Foods as Your Pharmacy to Heal Naturally

- John Robbins, Ocean Robbins: Creating Healthy Kitchens

- Chris Kresser: Food Additives & Gut Health

- David Wolfe: Mega Immunity, Super Foods & Herbs, Creating Balanced Meals;

  Uses & Influences of Antioxidants

- Marcus Rothkranz: Heal Your Self; Heal Your Face; Edible Plants



LifeStyle Consultant, Flowing Solutions, Toronto, Ontario; September 2003 to Present


Helen is currently Consulting and assisting clientele in redesigning their life using a process oriented approach which comes from her wide ranged unconventional education, knowledge, skills and experiences.

Making use of all theories and practical skills learned and achieved related to Feng Shui, Chinese Astrology, The Laws of the Five Elements, Date Selection, Raw Food Preparation,  Alkaline Wellness Coaching and Reducing physical and mental discomfort to create unique methods of change for individual situations.


Consultant, Chi Hut International, Singapore; 2009, 2010


Feng Shui consulting services, primarily working with Interior Designers & Professionals within the Design Society.

Destiny Analysis & Date Selection Consulting Services to Human Resources Directors in Financial District, and Professionals employed in Investment & Real Estate Related Businesses.



Fearless, Powerful and Invincible:  these are some of the words used by people who have discovered the True Sense of Joy that Being Healthy Brings.

Far from being the absence of disease, True Health is a State of Being that Brings Together all the Elements of You.  Discovery of Complete Wellness Enables You to Achieve all that You Want to Achieve:  To Fully Enjoy All That Life Has To Offer.  The Wholeness of Physical, Mental and Spiritual Well Being which are Not Separate, But Intertwined is Achievable with Natural Foods and Products that Help Balance and Energize.